Best Business Video 2017

What a brilliant way to end the year, with one of our client’s videos winning the Best Business Video category at the National Entrepreneur Awards 2017!

Our 2nd time winning this award! 😀

This time it was a Case Study video we created for FinderMonkey, (a people tracing company that finds long-lost relatives) which achieved some incredible results for their business.

The reason for its success was simple…it told a VERY powerful & emotive story that showcased the brilliant work they do.

The story of two twins that hadn’t seen each other for over 40 years.
A sister and brother that had been reunited only a day before the filming took place and so emotions were still very high.

When the video was shown at the Award ceremony there was barely a dry eye in the room. Spare a few minutes and watch their story, it’s well worth it!


* 29% Uplift in organic traffic to the website.

* Enquiries up from 394 a week to an average of 607.

* 20% more appointments booked

* 17% increase in sales.

* £227,000 onto turnover within an 18 month period.

* Helped Finder Monkey become a £1m+ per year business.

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