Closer Template Video Script

Here’s a short sweet idea that business owners could use to convince a warm prospect of yours to take the plunge and see that you’re different from the others.

Imagine you have a prospect or customer that you feel is a really good fit for a particular product or service you sell. Now imagine if you sent a personal one to one video in an email to that person? Do you think they would sit up and take notice?

I know of smart business owners using this technique to pick up high value sales and start conversations that lead to sales.

So what do you do? Pull out your smart phone and turn the camera to yourself.

Here’s a super simple script structure for you to follow for this video.

“Hi {Recipients Name} , I hope you’re well.

{Insert line about the last time you saw each other and try to say something that relates to them such as ‘I hope your Dad is feeling better after losing that round of golf etc etc.’}

I wanted to shoot this little video for you as I’ve been thinking about you/your business and I think there is something we do that could really be worthwhile for you, so I just wanted to let you know about it.

{Then go ahead on to tell them about your service/other product and simply let them know what it gives them.}

If that’s of interest then please do feel free to call or email back using these details. {Give them the best Phone number or email address}

Hope to speak with you very soon,

{Your Name}

You then upload the video to youtube as ‘unlisted’ so only people with the link can see it. Send them the link in an email and fingers crossed they’ll watch thinking. “Wow they recorded this just for me?”

This technique has worked wonders for ourselves and a number of clients of ours too. At best your’ll make a sale and get a great working relationship started and at worst you’ll get an email reply saying,

“Wow, great video. Appreciate you letting me now but it’s just not the right time for me.”

Good luck!

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