Expert Roundup: The Best 10 (and a Half) Video SEO Tips from the Pros

Video SEO

The need for Video SEO

So, you’ve just produced the best business video production in the history of mankind. Excitement levels haven’t been this high since last years office Christmas party.  

However, there’s a problem: barely anyone has seen it. All that effort with nothing to show for it leaves you thinking “What’s the point?”, and you begin to become disillusioned with the whole idea of video.

But wait! Not all is lost. You may just be in need of some video SEO.


In the film Wayne’s World 2, there’s a line where the singer Jim Morrison states: “If you book them, they will come”. In reality, there’s a lot of businesses out there that think the same with video: “If you create a video, they will watch”.




You still need it to be found. You need traffic. And to gain that traffic, you need to implement some Video Search Engine Optimisation (Video SEO), just like you would on your website.


Rather than try and answer this topic on my own, I decided to ring around and invite some of the UK’s leading experts in digital marketing to give you their top tips for improving your Video SEO, and here’s what they had to say:



Matt Eldridge - Video SEO Expert in Warwickshire, UK
Matt Eldridge: Founder of Melt Creative, Warwickshire, UK.
Check them out:
Video SEO Tip #1:
Backlink from your YouTube  video. While shares and links to your YouTube  video  won’t count as links to your website, you can create two backlinks from YouTube. Create a YouTube channel and insert your Web page into your channel profile. Also, insert your link in the  video  description.


Video SEO Tip #2:
Social signals. Getting more people to like or view your  video  is a positive signal to search engines of the value of your content. This will increase the likelihood of your  video  being found and driving traffic to your site.



Mark Tillison - Video SEO Expert
Mark Tillison: Founder of Tillison Consulting, Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK.
Check out their website:
Video SEO Tip #1:
Research, research, research. Find out what questions your customers are asking – Google predictive search in is an easy place to start – and create  videos  which provide the best answer to that and to closely related questions. Make sure your  video  title and description are optimised for those same questions.


Video SEO Tip #2:
Double-down. Don’t miss the opportunity to embed your great new  video  in a blog post on your site and optimise that too. You already created a helpful  video  which, if optimised well, should get found, but an optimised blog post should land you some free search traffic too.



Sean Clark - Video SEO Expert in Norwich, UK
Sean Clark: Director of Clark St. James, Norwich, UK.
Check out their website:
Video SEO Tip #1:
Always include a transcript. Search engines work best when indexing text so a transcript can help you rank not just in the  video  listings but in the main web rankings too. Don’t be afraid to adapt the transcript, it doesn’t have to be word for word. In some cases, a full transcript may just be a little too long. If it is, write an overview, but don’t skimp and cut corners, ensure it adds value.


Video SEO Tip #2:
Earn backlinks from embeds. Backlinks are still a key component of effective  SEO. The more natural those links the better. By allowing others to use your  video  via embedding you can pick up valuable backlinks in the most natural way possible. It goes without saying for people to want to embed your video it needs to have value!



Video SEO Specialist - Lexi Mills
Lexi Mills: PR SEO Specialist.
Check out Lexi’s website:


Video SEO Tip #1:
Simply get your video out there. I take my advice straight from Nike here; just do it. Not every video you make has to be or needs to be superb quality. Often, they can just be fun and you never know how you will end up using them. For example, my team made  this video  to help promote an augmented reality app. It was made in less than a day in our office with an iPhone. It was not designed to be published by media, but rather to make the process of learning the app and communicating it to media to make it fun and engaging. While making it we learned how quickly we could do something like this which got everyone more excited and has made us want to make more videos in the future. After speaking to a few editors most agreed that iPhone videos are perfectly fine for most online media, as long as you have a good phone holder to reduce the shaking, which can be bought for less than £50.


Video SEO Tip #2:
Do a Google search for “Phil Nottingham”. Watch and read everything you can find. Not only is he one of the world’s best experts, but he also communicates his knowledge in an engaging manner with excellent examples and demonstrations.



Matt Janaway - Video SEO Expert in Nottingham, UK
Matt Janaway: CEO of Marketing Labs, Nottingham, UK.
Check him out at:
Video SEO Tip #1:
Titles are vital. If you name your  video  incorrectly, you have very little chance of getting any exposure. Try to be descriptive and include your keyword or keyphrase but without over-optimising. Make sure it reads correctly to viewers. You can get keyword ideas by searching from within Google and looking at the “Searches related to” section at the bottom of the page – this can give you some fresh ideas for what people are searching for.


Video SEO Tip #2:
Describe your  video  correctly and creatively. Try to aim for 200-300 words and include potential search terms in the description. It is important to ensure the description remains informative so don’t just stuff keywords in. Include links back to your website, along with any other sources you might refer to in the  video  content. This should help with helping viewers find out more information if they are interested and increase user-experience metrics that can be used to rank  videos  on various platforms.


Video SEO Bonus Tip:  This tip isn’t strictly an  SEO  tip, but it gets forgotten about all-too-often. Try not to make the  video  too ‘salesy’, but don’t forget to include some form of call-to-action. Viewers need to be told what to do next in order to benefit from your  video  marketing.


Please feel free to share your own Video SEO advice (and/or thoughts) in the comments below.

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