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UK video production specialists for the service industries

Why should I use video?

Video is hugely powerful. It makes us laugh, makes us cry, makes us feel anger but also warms our heart. Video entertains, informs and inspires us.
Now imagine using video correctly in your business to created the right emotions and help persuade your audience.
Video adds a human touch to your website & personality to your online brand.  It’s proven to keep people on the website for longer.  It’s the closest you can get to being face to face with someone without actually being with them.
Videos is also an excellent way to explain complex ideas in an easy to understand way in a very short space of time. Video can raise your profile from a complete unknown to being well known in your industry. Video just works!


Why do you offer unlimited editing amendments?

Our unlimited editing amendments commitment stops you having to worry about asking for any changes that you feel are necessary but are worried about for fear of further charges for more editing time. We don’t charge for additional editing amendments but rather keep working on your project until you are 100% happy with the final production. At the end of the day we want you completely satisfied and happy with your final video.

Where are you based & will you travel?

We’re based in Nottingham, so it’s an ideal location for travelling to most parts of the UK to film.
We are also happy to travel abroad to film for projects too, all you would need to do is cover our additional expenses.

How long does it take to make a video?

The time it takes to create a video can really depend on the style of video, how many videos you need & the various elements involved in creation.
You may just need a short 30 second piece to camera video or you may need a series of complex animations. The time will vary for each however on average we say about 4 weeks from the initial planning to you receiving your finished video.

Will I have to remember my lines?

If you choose to go on camera in your video we have a number of ways to help which means you won’t have to worry about remembering all your lines. We’ll either:
Film in an interview style whereby your answering questions & speaking to our director off camera. This enables you to have a relaxed conversation without having to stare down the camera lens. Our editor will then cut out the best bits of your interview & use short soundbites in the final video.
Or we’ll use a teleprompter which is a device that allows you to read your pre-written script straight from the camera lens. This way you can turn up do your bit to camera and head off. The only pitfall is that this method does take a little practice to make it sound like your not reading from a script. .

What’s the process of making a video?

Video production is essentially a 3 step process. We begin with pre-planning your video by planning all the different elements of your shoot from locations, presenters, schedules, props & most importantly your objectives & purpose for needing the video.
The second stage is the actual production where we film all the different aspects we need to film and wherever we need to film them. This may also include getting voiceovers recorded & interviews recorded.
Lastly comes the editing stage where we’ll piece together your raw footage into an impactful video in line with the original brief. At this stage we offer unlimited editing amendments to ensure you get the video you hoped for.

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