How to Embed a Video onto a WordPress Website

One of the questions we get asked a lot when we’ve completed the production of a video is how to embed a video onto a WordPress website. Well, the answer is here. Of course, after you have had your video produced you want to get it seen and get it out there working for your business.

We have created a short video going through the process step by step to help you embed your video and use various options to change how it is seen.

Check out the video above or follow the steps below.

How to Embed a Video onto a WordPress Website

1. Upload your video to your YouTube Account or find the video you would like to embed on YouTube. Click onto your videos’ main page on YouTube.

2. Click on the Share button underneath the video player.

3. Click Embed button that appears. This should now show an embed code.

4. Click ‘Show More’ button underneath the embed code box to have more options for your video.

5. Change the video size to suit your blog (Watch the video above to understand the custom size) – Generally 600 x 338 is a good size for a blog page.

6. Uncheck the box to remove suggested videos at the end of your videos. This stops competitors videos showing on your website after the video has finished.

7. Uncheck the box to remove the Video Title on the video if you would like a cleaner look on your video player.

8. Now copy the embed code by highlighting the whole code, right clicking and selecting copy.

9. On your WordPress Dashboard within the Blog Post setup page copy and paste the embed code into the ‘Text’ tab of your posts editing section.

10. Press update or Preview to see how your video looks on the front end of your post/website page.

Once you’ve viewed the video once you will be a natural at uploading videos onto your website and it will seem like the easiest thing in the world.

And there we have it, you’ve just learned how to embed a video onto a WordPress website.

Thanks so much for reading our blog. We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to say “Hi” in the comments or tell us about any other methods you use to get your videos embedded to your sites.

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