How long does it take to create a video?

This is one of the most popular questions we get asked about video production.

The short answer to this is that on average we say it can take roughly 4 weeks to complete a video to a high standard from initial planning to delivery of the video.

That’s the very short answer…..Now for the longer version…

There are a number of variables that will change the length of time it takes to complete and they are well worth your consideration.

Above all, at Business Video Experts we care greatly about the results your video gets for you. As such we don’t like to rush & cut corners but rather create a quality product in a timely manner. A video that stands the test of time.

Having said that here are some factors to consider:

1. What style of video are you having created?

The styles of video you choose to have created for your business will make a difference to the speed of delivery.

Some styles of video production demand more working hours, whether that be more time spent planning a shoot, the actual time editing, or the number of days needed to complete the filming.

Here’s a run down in order of the quickest business video production styles to complete to the longest.

    • EXAMPLE ONE: Piece to Camera –Videos where you present a message directly to camera with a simple background.

Here’s a sample piece to camera video:

Approximately 2 days – 1.5 weeks to complete

These videos are usually pretty quick to create once they are filmed. The editing usually involves cutting out any mistakes where the person presenting may have stumbled over their words and needed to do another take.

This style usually involves one camera that stays still throughout and therefore doesn’t need much editing.

Sometimes the camera operator may choose to do a wide angle and also closer shot to cut between which adds a small amount of complexity but nothing to add huge amounts of time to the delivery.

The planning of the script can take time depending on the message you are looking to deliver on camera. Quick updates can be quick to script but long sales scripts may need more time.

EXAMPLE TWO: Trustimonial Video ProductionHigh quality videos where your clients share their experiences of working with you and give third party recommendations.

Here’s an example Trustimonial video:

Approximately 3 weeks – 6 weeks to complete

Trustimonial videos are very powerful videos as they use your happy clients to share what it’s like working with you.

However to piece these videos together it does take some organisation upfront, mostly in regards to organising several clients or interviewees to be interviewed in the space of one or two days.

This can be tricky if clients are spread around the country however if you have clients together on one day for an event it can help speed up the process.

You will also need to liaise with the video director to schedule the filming days and to make sure the correct interview questions are put together prior tot he filming.

This style involves working with one camera operator and a video director that capture all the footage within one or two days (usually).

After all the footage is captured we then take the footage back into the edit and it can take a few weeks to put a rough cut together.

The rough cut enables you to have a good idea of the narrative of the video.

Then we take onboard your feedback and make the changes your require until you are 100% happy. This means you usually receive your video with 3 – 6 weeks from initial conception of the idea.

Videos such as Case Studies or About Us videos can take a similar amount of time.

2. Your availability to communicate with the video production team throughout the project

Most often the ability of the client to get back to us with feedback on ideas and video edits is the biggest determinant of how quickly we can complete a video.

The video production team will often pull out all the stops to meet deadlines but if the editor doesn’t receive responses until the very last minute it’s only fair that the client understands it may not be possible to get the video completed on the time initially planned.

However we fully understand that sometimes other projects can sidetrack clients having to concentrate on other tasks in the office. Some times they simply have no choice.

We are fine with this and are happy to stay flexible to your needs at that time.

Knowing how powerful videos can be, we want you to have them as quickly as possible so they are working to meet your objectives in the business.

3. The complexity of the video in terms of graphics, edits & elements needed

So the question I usually get asked is “How long does it take to make a 2 minute video?”

This is where it gets tricky! You see you could have a 2 minute video that is just a simple piece to camera or a 2 minute complex stop frame animation like Aardman’s ‘Wallace & Gromit.’

Already you can see the difficulty in giving a straight answer for this.

So heres a few things that make videos more complex:

More Shots = More Cuts & edits

Voiceover recordings

Bespoke Sound track

Bespoke Graphics

Colour Grading

Script writing

Bespoke Animations

Filming in far away locations

Auditioning actors/actresses/Extras

These are just some of things that can make a video more complex to shoot and edit.

We’re not saying complexity is a bad thing as it is sometimes needed to make your video extra special.

However if you are on a tight deadline it’s wise to keep your video simple until you have time to improve it.

4. Video companies work load at the time of producing the video

There can be times where the video company can be oversubscribed with filming and editing work. In these cases it can delay the production slightly depending on their work load.

In most cases if you need a video completed quickly then it’s best to contact the video company and ask them what their workload is likely to be like for when your video needs to be delivered.

They can then give you an honest appraisal of timing and their schedules in the weeks or months ahead.

5. Your deadline

We’re reasonable people here at Business Video Experts and if you have a specific deadline that your video needs completing we’ll do our utmost to make sure it is done in time.

However, if you need a super-speedy delivery it may mean additional costs are involved in order for us to pull out all the steps and get extra hands on deck where needed to get the job done on time.

So, if you needed a video filmed and edited on the same day it may be possible with a simple piece to camera but most certainly not with a detailed animation piece. It’s worth checking with your video production company at the time to understand what is possible.

6. Length and complexity of your video(s)

Finally the time it takes to complete your video(s) will also be dependant on how long the end productions are likely to be.

If you are expecting a 30 second completed video to be completed quickly and cheaply, you may be in for a surprise! It can vary hugely depending on the elements of production that are required.

Sometimes, should you have a more complex edit with lots of raw footage to filter through, plus motion graphics etc.., even a 30 second end product could take much longer than a 45 minute recording and edit of a live event.

In Summary

At the beginning of this article I gave an estimate of 4 weeks to complete a video but as you can see there are many variables.

These include the types of videos you are looking to get made whether it’s a simple piece to camera or a complex animation.

It depends on how well the client can communicate their needs & any feedback, the complexity of the video, the video company’s work load, any deadlines you set and lastly the length of the video & how much of an end product you require.

Obviously we do our best to keep our edit machines up to date and running smoothly so technology doesn’t slow us down in the process. Also our editors know their craft and keep up to date with the latest software which means they can work as quickly as possible on your project.

The best thing to do is to contact the video company to talk through your project in detail and get a more detailed estimate for the over all project.

If you’d like to talk to us about a video you have in mind then feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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