One Video One Goal – Swiss Army Knife

Every companies mission is to thrive and succeed! They do this by setting themselves goals and tasks to complete. In todays society a large majority of companies use social media as a way of becoming known and one of the quickest, easiest and best ways of doing this is through videos, they do this with a variety of videos such as selling products or services or even just telling us all who they are.

But what if thats wrong!

We get asked a lot to create videos for businesses full of content but sometimes we can’t help but think is this really what you need?

One video, One goal. A saying that I like to throw around a lot.

One video, One goal basically means that having all these videos are great! But you need to focus on a specific goal for each video.

For example, maybe you want to sell all your services, as well as saying what you do, as well as saying why you are the best, as well as showing what the product does or what your services include… I bet you’re thinking to yourself ‘WOW’ I want to do all of those things. Yes all of these things are great! but… This much information in one video is going to be far too much.

This is when I like to throw something out there that I like to call the swiss army knife problem, The problem with a swiss army knife is that it looks like they do lots of cool things with all there little gadgets and cool flick out tools, and to be fair it does do a lot of things!


Its doesn’t particularly do any of the things well.

The reason being that it tries to do far too much. The jack of all trades….

Thats why you need to think to yourself One video, One goal, a video selling a particular service to a particular person is a great idea but thats all your video should be about, it will get straight to the point as a customer may be looking for information about one certain topic so keeping the videos short, sweet and simple will keep your potential customers and existing customers happy and interested.

Then you can have lots of wonderful videos explaining specific things that your customers may need to know!

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