The 4 Top iPhone Apps for Making Videos

If your an Apple iPhone user then you have a plethora of video/filming apps to choose from to get filming and making videos for your business.In todays BVE TV episode Mat sheds light on 4 Apps that could stop you from worrying you don’t have the right filming kit and get you using video straight away. These apps are all available to purchase on the Apple App store for less than £10 each so it’s worth searching them out and finding out if they could suit your filming style.

This is my personal favourite because it takes you back in time and gives you a really effective old-cine camera effect for a very low price. Lenses and effects that give a really cool 1920’s – 1970’s vibe could work brilliant if your brand is vintage in anyway. Even if your creating a video about the history of your business it could work well for you.

App Number 2 – Camera Plus Pro 

This app raises the capability of your iPhones inbuilt camera and allows for better manual controls with separate exposure, brightness lock and white balance controls. It also allows you to preview 9 Live video filters that can be applied before you start filming.  Easy to share videos & photos on Social Media channels.

App Number 3 – Pro- Camera 

Pro-Camera is another app that really ramps up the capabilities of your phone camera and give you some really nifty settings. The app gives your phone similar capabilities to a professional DSLR. You can record stunning HD video with slow motion modes filming at 240 frames per second. Highly rated and for just £3.99 it’s an absolute bargain!

App Number 4 – Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro is an awesome filming app that can really make your filming look incredible. It boasts 2 years of being awarded Top Video Camera App but perhaps more impressive the fact that in a blind audience test the app beat a $5000 Sony FS100 camera & tied with a $13000 Canon C300 camera. Rather impressive to say the least. It just shows what can be done with a humble iPhone.

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