The type of video that gives you expert status

Something we all crave is to be the number one in our respective niches. The “go-to” person that people trust and hang on every word. Video can help your business, but what is the type of video that gives you expert status.

To be believed as a key person of influence we need to demonstrate ourselves performing at this level. A large part about being the expert is positioning even if you are somewhat ‘faking it until you make it.’

Did you ever hear the story about the world class violinist that was ignored? He had played a huge concert one day with thousands of people paying hundreds of pounds to see him play and giving him a rapturous standing ovation.

A few days later the same musician played as a street performer in the towns tube entrance. Most of the passersby ignored him playing as they were in a rush to get to work and thought he was just your average street musician.

This shows that if you position yourself in an environment where people deem you to have huge credibility in the first place they are much more likely to pay attention and trust you.

So how do we do this with video? What is the type of video that gives you expert status?

Filmed Public Speeches….

You may also hear me refer to them as on-stage credibility videos.

In the video marketing world, nothing helps to propel your credibility more than a filmed public speech.

It’s a viewers natural reaction to think, “surely if they are talking to an audience in public they must know what they are talking about!?”

It is the same theory that “surely if the violinist is playing in front of a packed out Royal Albert Hall he is one of the best violinists around?”

When you give a talk and give a valuable presentation this is the perfect way to raise your credibility and trust with others. Especially if the presentation content is very special!

On-stage credibility videos work really well as lead-bait videos too. A new prospect seeing you speaking on-stage will make you seem far more credible.

Here is an example of a filmed public talk. The subject matter is largely irrelevant here but imagine putting yourself in this position, speaking on-stage and then sharing a similar type of video with your prospects and customers. Will this help raise your credibility? Yes, it most certainly will!

My advice is to record your next public speech on camera, whether it be a smaller networking event, workshop or if it is speaking to 1000 entrepreneurs. Then use that footage as future material for your landing page lead bait, to sell as a DVD/Video product for your current customers or as added value for your mailing list.

There is a common myth about video that it has to be short, but this is most certainly not true with on-stage credibility videos. If the content is relevant to the viewer then they will most certainly keep watching!

I recently watched an on-stage credibility video that was one and a half hours long because the value it gave to me was well worth my time watching it. What were my thoughts on the speaker in the video afterwards?

Truthfully, I was blown away be his insight and passion for helping other people with unbelievable amounts of great advice.

Have I ever met the speaker in the video in real life?


Have I ever bought from him?

Yes, on numerous occasions because I trust his knowledge and guidance.

Do not underestimate filmed public talks, they are seriously powerful and can dramatically heighten your profile in your industry. They are seriously the type of video that gives you expert status in the best way possible.

– If you don’t feel confident with speaking in public then you could do much worse than to work with a brilliant speaking coach that has helped many business owners become authorities in their niche. I have been fortunate enough to attend one of Mike Pagan‘s speaking work shops. Check him out.


So there we have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the type of video that gives you expert status. Feel free to post a comment below if you’d like to join the conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

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