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The ultimate video for a service business or anyone selling a high-ticket product or service.

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What is a Trustimonial®?

A Trustimonial® is the ultimate sales video for a service business or anyone selling a high-ticket product or service. This service business video is already proven to massively increase trust and sales conversion in businesses throughout the UK.

With online attention spans being so short these days, you need to get your message across as quickly as possible.

It’s a powerful video that broadcasts your customers sharing their experiences, exactly why they bought from you, and debunks any major buying objections the viewer might have.

And as our multiple national awards for return on investment show, it really does work!

The results of the video were tremendous. We showed it once at our conference and made over £300,000 in sales as a direct result. It has since generated over £2 million in 3 years.

Nigel BotterillThe Entrepreneurs Circle

Is a Trustimonial® for you?

A Trustimonial® is the perfect marketing asset for service-based businesses and those selling high-ticket products or services.

If your existing customers love and see value in what you do, but you find it hard work to try and convert any new enquiries, other than word-of-mouth, into actual sales, then you should seriously consider getting a Trustimonial® for your business.

A lack of trust in your business, especially if it’s the first time someone becomes aware of you, could be the main reason you’re not getting the growth your business deserves. Unfortunately, this lack of trust means that you’re likely missing out on a lot of sales and missed opportunities.

But, what if there was a way you could fast track the trust factor in those first time visitors, ramp up the amount of enquiries, and reduce the amount of ‘selling’ you have to do to convert those enquiries into customers, all in one go?

Why our clients love our unique Trustimonial® videos

Long Term Business Asset

A Trustimonial® video can be used to build trust and more enquiries/sales into your business 24/7.

One Time Investment

A Trustimonial® becomes a solid business asset that you can use over & over, in a variety of different ways.

Amazing Results!

Clients have reported profits beyond their initial Trustimonial® investment within days of launch.

Consistent Results

Time after time our clients tell us of the incredible results they achieve by using their Trustimonial® within marketing campaigns.

Create a feel good factor

Ensure you're making the best first impression to potential customers in just a few minutes.

Quality Production

The production quality will position your company way above your competition.

Customers sell for you

I mean, let’s face it, what your customers say about you is far more persuasive than anything you could ever say yourself.

and Relax...

Let your customers do the selling so you don't have to even think about going in front of camera, if you don't want to.

Here’s some example Trustimonial® videos

Trustimonial® to sell the benefits of the EweMove franchise opportunity, increasing conversions by 107% virtually overnight.

Lawbite used their Trustimonial® video to skyrocket sign-ups for their online contract & legal support offering through their website.

Nkd waxing salon used a unique Trustimonial® to encourage professional beauticians to attend their hot waxing courses.

Conference Collective positioned their business as the only option for Association & event management services using their Trustimonial®.

Entrepreneurs Circle used a Trustimonial® video to promote their premium service and made £300,000 worth of sales as a result.

Dizzy Ducks Nursery had 5 Trustimonial® videos to promote their nursery branches. Resulting in £25,000 worth of sales in the first week alone.

The Trustimonial® is the ultimate combination of an Explainer, Testimonial, Case Study, and FAQ video, all rolled into one.

Having all that content professionally produced separately could easily cost £20,000+.

However, with prices starting at just £995+vat, you can get a Trustimonial® for much less than you think!

A video that you can use almost anywhere

A Trustimonial® is one of the most versatile pieces of content that you could have. You can use it for…

  • Your website
  • A Landing Page
  • Exhibitions
  • Sending video cards to your dream clients
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • As part of an email campaign
  • and many more…

Want your own Trustimonial?

Why should you work with

  • 1. Small team of national award-winning production specialists:

    Hailing from the broadcast TV world working on primetime shows to winning awards in business filming. You’re in safe hands.

  • 2. We're marketers, not just creatives:

    We pay close attention to not only what makes you look good, but marketing & what actually works to help you attract more business.

  • 3. Satisfaction guaranteed:

    As long as it is in line with your chosen package elements, you’ll get unlimited video editing amendments until you are fully satisfied.

  • 4. No hidden extras

    You’ll have peace of mind that you’ll receive no unexpected surprises on your final invoice. If the scope of your brief changes when the production is underway, you will be informed of any additional work (and charges), then you can decide whether to go ahead with that.