What makes a great business homepage video?

How can you make your business homepage video the best it can be? Do not fear as all is revealed below.

It can be difficult knowing exactly what to put in a video but what if that video was on the home page of your website…pretty scary!

Your home page video will be the first thing that the majority of your customers see, so the video will need to have a good content to entice your existing and potential customers to buy.

A home page video shouldn’t be too long, but it also can’t be so short that it reveals too little.

The video itself should ideally be between 30-90 seconds long, otherwise, your potential customers may lose interest in the video and seek out information elsewhere.

As you can see from the graph above, over 70% of people watch the full video if it is under 60 seconds, 80% of people watch the video if it is under 30 seconds, but you might be restricted with the information you can get across within such a short amount of time.

The video should be placed in the top fold of your website so it’s the first thing people see when they click on your website.

There is a much higher chance that they will then watch the video!

What should the video include?

To begin the video, it should have an immediate credibility boosting statement with a welcome and a thank you for taking the time to visit your page.

This should only be between 15-20 seconds long.

The second thing your video should include is to immediately connect your potential customers with what they are looking for and the benefits of your website for helping them search out their answers!

The final element you should include is a call to action.

A short quick 10-20 seconds sharing the benefits of them to take their time to fill out a quick form to receive a free give or information from you.

I hope you found this useful and it helps for your future videos.

That’s a wrap!

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