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Package prices from just £995+vat

Are you a service provider wanting to build the foundations of your video marketing content?

What if I told you that TrustVid® offers video production packages that commit to a proven video marketing formula, whilst integrating a natural trust-building interview style, to create compelling About Us videos, captivating case studies, and irresistible promo videos that truly set you apart from the competition.

For service providers in particular, the phrase “people buy from people” applies more than most. But, what’s the best way to build trust and engage with people on a mass scale?

Video, of course!

Our Core Content packages have been designed to connect with your audience and communicate at a human level.

And whilst your video will be set to a proven formula, it will be crafted with your unique story and services firmly in mind.

So, let’s create some cornerstone video marketing assets for your brand – are you ready?

An absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish and I found them to be exceptionally helpful, prompt and efficient in all my dealings with them...I am very pleased with the video they've produced for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.
Rebecca Dowdeswell
nkd Waxing, Leicester

Why consider a 'Core Content' video package?


Filmed and edited with our unique style and content structure that’s won national awards for return on investment. They’re designed to promote authenticity and trust; important factors for viewers deciding who to choose as their service provider


Most shoots will be scheduled to be filmed in just a day


Your video will be crafted with an interview style. We aim to capture natural responses with a carefully structured set of questions, to help ramp up that trust-factor


No hidden fees or ongoing fees for production (for non-broadcast internet & marketing use)*

* Third parties (e.g. music, presenters, animators, etc…) may charge extra if using the video beyond general internet use


If for any reason you’re not happy with the final video, we’ll work with you to make the edit right

And with packages starting at just £995+VAT, you can get your core content videos created for much less than you think!

Here’s some examples:

About Us Videos

ServGas hired TrustVid® to create their about us video, which included an interview with the owner and a couple of customers singing their praises.

(Core package)

nkd Waxing created their about us video combining interviews with the owner and multiple customers of the business.

(core package with add-ons)

Service Promo Videos

Health and Wellbeing Programme by Progressive Sports.

(Core package plus add-ons)

RB Holiday Camps for children.

(Core package plus add-ons)

Case Study Videos

A case study discussing augmented reality firm Ads Reality and how LawBite helped with legal assistance for their sale to GAME.

(Core package – incorporating existing client footage into video)

Created for a client of Southern IT, Flare Audio, who discussed there typical IT challenges and experiences of working with Southern IT.

(Core package plus add-on)

Our Easy 5-Step Process

Fill out a form

You'll just need to fill out a short pre-production questionnaire to help us plan the foundation blocks of your video.


We then develop your script, shot list, and logistical plans for the video, based on the groundwork from step one.


Time to put all that planning into "lights, camera, action!"This is always an exciting part.

Video Editing

Your video takes shape into its final form, adding music, graphics, and enhancements to ensure a polished and impactful end product


Now you're ready to get your finished video out there to the masses.

Where you could distribute your videos:

Your Website

web design, user interface, website-3411373.jpg

A video on a website is often the first point of contact for potential customers.

Social Media

Share your video on the social platforms where your target audience is most active.

YouTube Channel

subscribe, youtube, icon-6514468.jpg

Another way tap into your audience and improve your SEO.

Email Marketing

letter, mail, mailing-147563.jpg

Send to your dream clients and really stand out


An excellent way to introduce your company at industry events.

Sales Meetings

agree, agreement, asian-1238964.jpg

Build trust and credibility by giving potential clients a glimpse into the company’s ethos, values, and successes.

Social Media Ads

twitter, facebook, together-292989.jpg

Incorporate your video into your ad campaigns to enhance brand awareness and create a more personal connection.

Company Blog

Your blog is an opportunity to tell a more in-depth story about your company and services. Use your videos to complement written content.


classroom, training, school-381896.jpg

For internal purposes, an ‘About Us’ video can help new hires quickly understand the company culture and values.

Why Choose Us?

Video Specialists for Service Providers

TrustVid® are experience specialists in producing results-driven video content that generates a genuine human connection with viewers.

You’ll be working with proud winners of the Best Business Video award (twice!) at the National Entrepreneur Awards, and Finalists for the award six times. The award was judged on a combination of video quality and return on investment for the client. 

Creatives that understand marketing

it’s not enough to just make a video. You need video creatives who understand marketing.

At TrustVid®, we pay close attention to not only what makes you look good, but marketing and what works to help you attract more business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As long as it is in line with the originally approved brief, you will be entitled to get unlimited amendments* for scriptwriting and video editing until:

a). You are fully satisfied to sign off that stage of your production
b). One (1) month after you are sent the first version of your edit
        (whichever comes first)

Any additional filming, more advanced graphics and/or editing styles which go beyond the outline of your initial production project scope, or requests that are beyond the one month limit, shall be charged for separately.

No Hidden Extras

For the majority of productions, we can give you a clear idea of what the total investment will be to get the job done.

If the scope of your brief changes when the production is underway, you will be informed of any additional work (and charges), then you can decide whether to go ahead with that. You’ll have peace of mind that you’ll receive no unexpected surprises on your final invoice.

Third party charges (for elements such as actors, stock footage, etc…) will be charged for separately and do vary depending on the supplier.

Clients We've Worked With

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