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Professional Event Video Production Services for Your Organisation

When it comes to annual conferences, presentations, exhibitions, and other significant events, why invest so much time and effort only to have it exist for just one day?

It might be a valuable opportunity to capture your event on camera.

Recording your on-stage presentations not only enhances your credibility when your content is accessible online, but it can also provide a versatile resource for future use. Whether it’s for training purposes or the development of a valuable product, this content can continue to deliver value long after the event has concluded. Filming an event is an investment that can yield benefits over many years, ensuring you maximise the impact of your event for an extended period.

Choosing TrustVid® event video production services can really help you make the most out of your valuable content.”

"They’re the best! Highly recommended."
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So many video ideas for your event...

There’s plenty of opportunities beyond the idea of a highlights video. Here’s a selection to help inspire you:

Highlights Video

Showcase key moments from your event and show off to people that couldn’t make it on the day.

Promotional Video

For ongoing events, use your footage to promote future events, aimed at attendees and exhibition stand holders.

Thought Leadership & Industry Insight

Film expert interviews to provide industry insights and thought leadership.


Interview attendees, speakers, and/or exhibitors for testimonials from the event.

Tutorial Videos

Create tutorial videos based on educational presentations.


Showcase the prep leading up to the event, with interviews with organisers and staff to provide a glimpse into the logistics and coordination.

Q&A Sessions

Show off the interactive Q&A sessions with the audience and speakers.

Panel Discussions

Capture panel discussions and roundtable conversations.

Training Videos

Use filmed presentations & workshops to create training materials and produce educational videos from your content.

On-Demand Content

Produce on-demand content for virtual attendees who couldn’t join in real-time.

Here’s some example event videos:

Why Choose Us?

Video Specialists for Service Providers

TrustVid® are experience specialists in producing results-driven video content that generates a genuine human connection with viewers.

You’ll be working with proud winners of the Best Business Video award (twice!) at the National Entrepreneur Awards, and Finalists for the award six times. The award was judged on a combination of video quality and return on investment for the client. 

Creatives that understand marketing

it’s not enough to just make a video. You need video creatives who understand marketing.

At TrustVid®, we pay close attention to not only what makes you look good, but marketing and what works to help you attract more business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As long as it is in line with the originally approved brief, you will be entitled to get unlimited amendments* for scriptwriting and video editing until:

a). You are fully satisfied to sign off that stage of your production
b). One (1) month after you are sent the first version of your edit
        (whichever comes first)

Any additional filming, more advanced graphics and/or editing styles which go beyond the outline of your initial production project scope, or requests that are beyond the one month limit, shall be charged for separately.

No Hidden Extras

For the majority of productions, we can give you a clear idea of what the total investment will be to get the job done.

If the scope of your brief changes when the production is underway, you will be informed of any additional work (and charges), then you can decide whether to go ahead with that. You’ll have peace of mind that you’ll receive no unexpected surprises on your final invoice.

Third party charges (for elements such as actors, stock footage, etc…) will be charged for separately and do vary depending on the supplier.

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